Company identity redesign for Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo

Restyling of the logo, corporate stationery, merchandising, internal labeling, signage and website.

Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo (DAM) has more than twenty years of experience operating water treatment plants. This experience encompasses everything from operation services, maintenance, and upkeep of purification plants, to sewerage and water supply.

Due to its current growth – with major projects in Italy and Bolivia-, along with the fact that the corporate image was a continuation of a previous brand, the DAM logo was not very appropriate for the company´s current circumstances. This is why they contacted us, in order to revamp their corporate identity through extensive restyling that made the brand recognisable to its potential clients and to other agents in the sector.

As always, before starting, we carried out a study which indicated the direction we should work in and how we should carry out the work. We replaced the company´s somewhat outdated shade of green with a much more contemporary and pleasant green, which we combined with blue using a colour gradation which symbolises the transformation of water through the purification process. In addition to corporate identity, we also took charge of merchandising, corporate stationery and other materials for internal use: folders, sheets, corporate brochures, pictograms. The idea was to make the improvement show outward, but also inwardly; in addition to the clients, we aimed to ensure that employees perceived and enjoyed the development of the company.

It is important to highlight the fact that at Pixelarte we do not only design, we also produce and install. The trust that DAM placed in our work enabled us to carry out an integral restyling project, where we also dealt with the labelling and signage in the main building and at La Vintena composting plant. In this project, a large part of our work consisted of operations at the company´s different workspaces.

Lastly, we also designed and created their new website.

Client: Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo
Categories: Spaces, Corporate Identity,
Year: 2016
pixelarte-diseno-grafico-logo-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-restyling-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-identidad-corporativa-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-papeleria-corporativa-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-marca-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-material-corporativo-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-papeleria-informes-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-papeleria-libretas-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-iconos-pictogramas-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-papeleria-brochure-folleto-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-papeleria-folleto-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-editorial-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-editorial-brochure-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-informe-empresa-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-packaging-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-rotulacion-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-rotulacion-valencia-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-rotulacion-industrial-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-valencia-señaletica-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-señaletica-rotulacion-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-valencia-rotulacion-oficina-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-valencia-rotulacion-interior-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-valencia-señaletica-empresa-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-señaletica-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-identidad-corporativa-señaletica-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-imagen-corporativa-señaletica-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo pixelarte-diseno-grafico-rotulacion-espacios-Dam_Depuracion_Aguas_Mediterraneo

Consuelo Marí

Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo

“Pixelarte es un gran equipo que nos ha contagiado su pasión por el diseño y nos ha ayudado a implantarlo en nuestra forma de trabajar. Se han adaptado a las necesidades de nuestra empresa y nos han ofrecido soluciones.
Su disponibilidad y comunicación continua con el cliente y su trato amable y cercano han facilitado el desarrollo de los proyectos. Y su profesionalidad y alto nivel de exigencia han aportado a los mismos una gran calidad“.