Corporate identity design for Velox, a US logistic company.

Logo design, fleet of vehicles, corporate stationery, uniforms and loading docks for a Brownsville, Texas company.

Velox Logistic Solutions is a company based in Brownsville (Texas), which is dedicated to imports and exports between the USA and Mexico, where they also have offices.  The company’s main activity is the transportation of goods between the two countries, which is no simple task considering the delicate nature of the policies surrounding the entry of products into the USA.

Velox had many years of experience performing logistics for companies on either side of the US-Mexico border, but they had a problem: their branding did not reflect their strength in this sector, and the image that they were projecting did not match their experience in the transportation of goods and the processing of permits for international logistics, so they decided to call us. The first thing we did was send them a very detailed questionnaire that would help us get to know the unique features of their sector and of their company, and, in turn, allow them to reflect upon many questions they had never considered before.  This is a fundamental step in each one of our projects.

When we created its corporate identity, we studied both their competition and the features of the area in which they operate.  This research led us to design an imposing eagle flying under the sun. The eagle, besides being a symbol of both countries, represents attributes that are highly valued by the sector, such as speed, security, agility and precision.

The logo, made up of synthesized and geometric shapes, which combined a bold cursive script, imparted the strength and dynamism that we were seeking for Velox. We also used a powerful color palette that would ensure that it would not go unnoticed and be readily identified: an intense blue that brought confidence and a yellow that communicated energy


Client: Velox. Texas, USA
Categories: Spaces, Corporate Identity,
Year: 2016
pixelarte-diseno-grafico-logotipo-Velox-logistic-solutions-002 industrial warehouse pixelarte-estudio-diseno-proceso-diseno-logotipo-Velox-logistics pixelarte-estudio-diseno-identidad-corporativa-Velox-logistic-solutions pixelarte-estudio-diseno-identidad-corporativa-Velox-logistic-solutions pixelarte-estudio-diseno-identidad-corporativa-Velox-empresa-logistica pixelarte-estudio-diseno-papeleria-identidad-corporativa-Velox-logistics pixelarte-estudio-diseno-identidad-corporativa-Velox-logistic-solutions-002 pixelarte-diseno-grafico-logotipo-Velox-empresa-logistica pixelarte-diseno-grafico-uniformes-Velox-logistic-solutions pixelarte-diseno-de-logotipo-empresa-logistica-Velox-Brownsville-Texas pixelarte-diseno-grafico-flota-vehiculos-Velox-logistics pixelarte-diseno-grafico-flota-vehiculos-empresa-logistica-Velox pixelarte-diseno-grafico-furgonetas-empresa-logistica-Velox pixelarte-diseno-grafico-vehiculos-empresa-logistica-Velox pixelarte-estudio-diseno-grafico-flota-vehiculos-Velox-logistics warehouse Velox-cierre

Rolando A. González

Executive Assistant en Velox Logistics. Texas.

“Empecé a conversar con ellos sin conocimiento de los procesos propios del trabajo creativo, y desde el primer momento me orientaron con amabilidad, respeto, y mucha paciencia. Me aconsejaron y me hicieron saber lo que necesitaba, no lo que otros me querían vender. Su honestidad me ayudó a ahorrar dinero, tiempo y esfuerzo“.